Sports betting has become a widespread trend in recent years because of its ability to give sport fans a reward for their passion and consistent dedication to the sports they love, it’s also considered as an investment that can yield a lot of profit in a short while as many people have become millionaires through this trend that’s making old gambling methods irrelevant.

A recent survey conducted revealed that more than 10% of sports fans have placed a bet or a couple of bets in the past five years, it’s obvious a lot of people are already into sports betting but how can you get started? is sport betting better than online gambling? what is this trend all about? Just relax because all questions will be answered in our guide to sports betting: odds, bookmaker, and more (this guide is the BOMB!).

Sports Betting – All You Need To Know

Sports betting can simply be explained as betting on sports which means you predict (also called forecasting) the correct outcome of a specific game and you decide to bet a certain amount (wager) and then the amount you have chosen to risk is then multiplied by the odds of your prediction (this is the amount you’ll get paid by the bookmaker if you win), it is important to note that you can only get paid if your prediction is 100% correct, let’s learn some basic betting terms! Also, surprisingly, sports betting is often compared to gambling with online casinos. The basics are almost the same and you always need to read good reviews about either a bookmaker or a casino.

Common Sport Betting Terms

1. Over/Under Over or under is a prediction option which means you can only win if the team or player you have chosen scores over/under a certain number of point/runs/goals.

2. Bookmaker A bookmaker is someone/company that has the license to take wagers and create betting lines for the public.

3. Real-Time Odds This is a sports betting term which is commonly known as odds, these are selected points used to calculate the return on investment.

4. Bankroll The bankroll is usually the total amount of available funds you possess for betting.

5. Favorite This is the team the bookmakers believe are in the best position to win the game. What Are The Most Famous Sports To Bet On? The people in different countries choose different sports they love to bet on, but here are the most popular sports people chose to bet on worldwide;

• Football (soccer)

• Tennis

• Cricket

• Baseball

• Horse Racing

• Volleyball

Difference Between Online And Offline Sports Betting

Is there a difference? The answer to this question is NO, and this is because online sports betting accounts have all you need to place bets, deposit and withdraw money from and into the account, online betting is easier and better as you can bet on live games and track statistics but a small fee is usually needed to deposit money into your sports betting account in some cases like you will find with swiss casino or the Canadian ones.

Most Popular Bookmakers In The World

Different countries have their most popular online bookmakers, but here are the most popular online bookmakers in the world.

• Bwin –

• SportingBet –

• Bet-at-home –

• Betfair –

• William Hill –

Sports Betting Vs Online Casinos – The Odds Of Winning

The odds of winning differ as they operate differently, sports betting is considered easier to win because it is based on live events (except virtual games) and there’s a lot of data that can help you predict correctly while people gamble through online casino based on luck and intuition (instinct), online casinos have also been believed to have an edge over gamblers but this is yet to be proven. Which do you think is better? …

Soccer (football) is indisputably the most popular sport in the world. And the only thing that fascinates more than football itself is a football video game. Luckily for football lovers, you can now play soccer games and bet from your mobile devices. You need not feel left out because you do not own a video game console. There are numerous football apps and games available for mobile devices to help you enjoy scoring goals, pitting your wits against your online opponents and also allow you to create your fantasy team. The good thing is that most of these apps are free but may include in-app purchases with sites such as the official site of yukon gold casino. Some of the best football games for mobile devices released so far include:

Dream league soccer 2018
This game offer player with more than basic gameplay and is equivalent to FIFA’s career mode only that it does not allow for club transfers or players contracts. Other than just playing to score, you can be the manager of your own team which is referred to as Dream FC. Coins are earned by completing achievements and winning matches among others.

Real football
Real football comes with decent graphics to offer players a more memorable playing experience. This game is coupled with adequate customization controls which allow you to enhance the stadiums, personalize your team kits and even change formations. Furthermore, it comes with various game modes for holding typical matches and leagues and also contesting for the international cup.

Score! Classic Goals
Since it was launched, there seem to be no adequate superlatives for this game since it’s among the most suitable football games across the mobile spectrum. It allows you to couch your squad through full careers and get involved in challenging but rewarding games. You can achieve this by use of various tactics in the available multiple game modes.

New Star Soccer
New Star Soccer is the best definition of an ideal soccer game for mobile devices. It uses a simple and interactive user interface, it’s utterly addictive and allows you to play in short bursts.

Football manager Touch 2018
This game was mainly meant to provide players with a chance to showcase their football managing skills on Android tablets and iPads. It features 3D match engines and a wide variety of tactical options. The most outstanding add-on is that if you had previously played the PC edition of Football manager Touch 2018, you can transfer it through steam integration to your mobile device and continue enjoying and upgrading your career.

However, other than the thrilling experience of playing football games for mobile devices, you will agree with us that betting on football is the most convenient way to win big money for a relatively low stake. Betting sites such as accessible via mobile phones have made betting quite easier! You need not have to wait for real matches to be held for you to gamble and win cash. You can easily bet on the virtual games available on mobile phones for a chance to win thousands upon thousands. However, you should only opt for licensed betting sites to ensure you have a fair chance of winning.…

Among the most popular sports in the world today, soccer easily gets the top spot. Many people follow soccer matches very closely and they even place their bets on the playing teams. This is the major reason why betting and gambling is increasingly becoming popular in the world. Besides watching a soccer match, the only thing that can be very appealing to soccer fans is playing a soccer video game. This is because it gives them the opportunity to control the players and even do things in their way. Playing a soccer video game gives the soccer fans the opportunity to make the changes they feel should be made to their favorite teams for better performance. Some enjoy playing soccer on slot machines; Football Star, Champion Cup seem to be the favorite. You can find these games on sites such as, and even Luxury Casino Japan – ラグジュアリーカジノ!

Best soccer games
In the past, soccer games were only available in video consoles. However, the times have changed and today, it is possible and easy to enjoy your soccer game on your tablet or smartphone. With these devices, you are able to access a ton of games in the play store. Some of these games require you to make a purchase and some are absolutely free. Below is a list of the top best soccer games in 2018 you can play on your smartphone or tablet:

1. PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer
While PS is the best for video game consoles, the PES is definitely the best option for mobile devices. This is the best because it not only allows you to experience the best graphics and performance; it also allows you to control your players. You are able to control your layers both in the field and also in managing the team. This game also allows you to compete with your friends from all over the world using the online multi-player battles. The game is enabled with controls that are based on the gestures you make together with the conventional controls used in playing soccer.

2. FIFA Soccer
This is a very popular game among many soccer lovers and it definitely is among the best. It qualifies to be at the top because it is intensive and engaging to soccer lovers. FIFA is an official game and therefore the real players in 550+ teams are featured in the FIFA games. All the soccer stars, retired and current players are also in the game. This gives the players the freedom and luxury of using the specific players they like in the way the like. The game also has an Ultimate Team option. This is where the players manage their teams with all the players they prefer in the way they prefer them. In simple worlds, it makes a dream team a reality, at least for a few moments. You can also be able to compete with other players on a global level with FIFA.

Soccer games are loved by many, but not all fans are able to get into the field and play real soccer. This is why soccer games are a huge favorite for many of the soccer fans in the world today. With advancement in technology, it is now possible to play a soccer game in your mobile device wherever you are. Above is a list of the top best soccer games in 2018 you may want to consider for your mobile device. More soccer games might be released during the year, make sure you check to have the latest info and never miss out on a new game.…