The Complete Sports Betting Guide

Sports betting has become a widespread trend in recent years because of its ability to give sport fans a reward for their passion and consistent dedication to the sports they love, it’s also considered as an investment that can yield a lot of profit in a short while as many people have become millionaires through this trend that’s making old gambling methods irrelevant.

A recent survey conducted revealed that more than 10% of sports fans have placed a bet or a couple of bets in the past five years, it’s obvious a lot of people are already into sports betting but how can you get started? is sport betting better than online gambling? what is this trend all about? Just relax because all questions will be answered in our guide to sports betting: odds, bookmaker, and more (this guide is the BOMB!).

Sports Betting – All You Need To Know

Sports betting can simply be explained as betting on sports which means you predict (also called forecasting) the correct outcome of a specific game and you decide to bet a certain amount (wager) and then the amount you have chosen to risk is then multiplied by the odds of your prediction (this is the amount you’ll get paid by the bookmaker if you win), it is important to note that you can only get paid if your prediction is 100% correct, let’s learn some basic betting terms! Also, surprisingly, sports betting is often compared to gambling with online casinos. The basics are almost the same and you always need to read good reviews about either a bookmaker or a casino.

Common Sport Betting Terms

1. Over/Under Over or under is a prediction option which means you can only win if the team or player you have chosen scores over/under a certain number of point/runs/goals.

2. Bookmaker A bookmaker is someone/company that has the license to take wagers and create betting lines for the public.

3. Real-Time Odds This is a sports betting term which is commonly known as odds, these are selected points used to calculate the return on investment.

4. Bankroll The bankroll is usually the total amount of available funds you possess for betting.

5. Favorite This is the team the bookmakers believe are in the best position to win the game. What Are The Most Famous Sports To Bet On? The people in different countries choose different sports they love to bet on, but here are the most popular sports people chose to bet on worldwide;

• Football (soccer)

• Tennis

• Cricket

• Baseball

• Horse Racing

• Volleyball

Difference Between Online And Offline Sports Betting

Is there a difference? The answer to this question is NO, and this is because online sports betting accounts have all you need to place bets, deposit and withdraw money from and into the account, online betting is easier and better as you can bet on live games and track statistics but a small fee is usually needed to deposit money into your sports betting account in some cases like you will find with swiss casino or the Canadian ones.

Most Popular Bookmakers In The World

Different countries have their most popular online bookmakers, but here are the most popular online bookmakers in the world.

• Bwin –

• SportingBet –

• Bet-at-home –

• Betfair –

• William Hill –

Sports Betting Vs Online Casinos – The Odds Of Winning

The odds of winning differ as they operate differently, sports betting is considered easier to win because it is based on live events (except virtual games) and there’s a lot of data that can help you predict correctly while people gamble through online casino based on luck and intuition (instinct), online casinos have also been believed to have an edge over gamblers but this is yet to be proven. Which do you think is better?